Generate Sitecore Support Package via Admin Tools

So I’ve been happily running the standalone SSPG (Sitecore Support Package Generator) for some time now, that is until my good friend Bill Cacy pointed out – it can now be generated via the Sitecore Admin Tools in Sitecore 8.2 onwards!! Wow, how did I miss this?

SSPG is an awesome tool for grabbing a snapshot of useful juicy information about your Sitecore instance to help you diagnose issues when thing go wrong or if just want to simply grab all the log files for a specified period of time. If you’ve never used it then chances are you’ve never had to raise a Sitecore support ticket, as this is one of the first things they will almost always ask for if you don’t provide it to them beforehand.

By making it available in Admin Tools Sitecore have made the process of generating this package and uploading it to the Sitecore FTP support location much much simpler.

1. Select Support Package from the Sitecore Admin Tools Index page (sitecore/admin/default.aspx)

sspg12. SSPG will go straight to the package metadata the Package Name, Support Ticket ID (if you have one), start and end dates and any comments, bypassing the select instance section you see on the Standalone version, as its going to generate the package for the current instance.

sspg23. Select contents – by specifying the different types of information collectors, this determines the kind of information to include in the generated package.

sspg34. Once the package has been generated you can either download or upload directly to the Sitecore FTP Support Server. All from within Sitecore.


As you can see this make the process of generating the SSPG much easier as you no longer need direct access to the Server just a Sitecore admin account. WHOO HOO!!

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One thought on “Generate Sitecore Support Package via Admin Tools

  1. Brandon Gallagher July 19, 2018 / 4:10 pm

    Nice post Neil – I was unaware of the integration with SC 8.2 too! This will save time, not to mention that SSPG has started crashing regularly on my dev machine. Hope things are well for you my friend!


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