Sitecore XM Cloud Tips & Tricks

In this post, I’ll share some useful info, handy tips, and tricks to help you get started with Sitecore XM Cloud.

XM Cloud Portal

The Sitecore Cloud Portal is your hub for everything in XM Cloud. You can manage and switch between the various apps seamlessly: XM Cloud, XM Cloud Deploy App, etc. There are handy links to documentation and the Sitecore Support Portal. You can even create new support cases without leaving the portal.

Check out the XM Cloud Introduction it has some helpful information, links, and videos to get you started.

Navigating XM Cloud

Switcher – the multi-dot menu icon opens the switcher and allows you to switch between organizations, projects, and apps.

Home – each App has a home page providing access to the main features.

Admin – if you are the administrator of one or more organizations you can manage members of those organizations, you can:

Quick actions – let you easily access important features.

Apps section – clicking on one of these instances, opens a side panel to the right with direct links to quick actions available for that instance.

XM Cloud Dashboard – where you create and manage your websites and access all your XM Cloud Tools. The Site tab is where you can add websites to your instance in just a few clicks. The Tools tab is where you can access all the features included in XM Cloud. It looks very similar to Sitecore XP and provides access to some familiar tools.

XM Cloud Deploy – allows you to manage projects and environments.

XM Cloud Pages – combines editing and design capabilities for building web pages.

XM Cloud Content manager – this is where you can manage and edit all the content on your website.

XM Cloud Explorer – is an editing tool that lets you work with content independent of presentation.

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