Jira Sprint Dashboard

If you are using Jira for managing your backlog and tracking bugs then a Jira Dashboards is a must-have. Dashboards provide an excellent way to quickly track progress and easily gain valuable insights into the progress/health of your sprint. A well-crafted dashboard will help your daily scrum or other sprint ceremony meetings, to stay focused and help ensure meetings are run efficiently and effectively. Maybe even give you back some minutes in your day.

Dashboards Gadgets

Each dashboard can contain multiple gadgets for displaying information contained in Jira. There is a range of different gadgets available pre-installed with additional gadgets that can be added. Some of the most useful gadgets I use are the pie chart and filtered results.

  • Filtered Result – Displays the results of an issue filter driven by a search query and allows you quickly see results of important queries. So you can create any search query and have those results rendered in your dashboard.
  • Pie Chart – Displays issues from a project or issue filter, grouped by a statistic type, in pie-chart format. Issues can be grouped by any statistic type (e.g. Status, Priority, Assignee, etc).
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